Aikido Kishinev. Igor Zakharevitch. Shidoin, Godan Aikikai.

Aikido in Moldova

Start the 80. I.Zakharevich and Nepritvorenny take the first independent attempt to study Aikido in the books.

1987 - In Kishinev come famous Russian stunt man, actor ("Fan", "Do not be afraid, I'm with you"), a circus performer and a black belt in Karate Wado Ryu Oleg Kantemirov and gives the first lessons of Aikido Igor Zakharevich.

1987 - Igor Zakharevich is presented by Oleg Kantemirov to Matveyev Vyacheslav and Alexander Kochan and begins to visit engaging in section Aikido in Moscow State University, and also to visit all possible seminars of foreign instructors of Aikido in Moscow.

1987 - I. Zakharevich and A. Nepritvorennym together opened the first section of Aikido in Kishinev, and began regular classes. Section called Aiki Center.

1989 - Arrival in Chisinau Matveev and seminar under his direction, and then model performances.

1991 - acquaintance to 6th Dan M. Konetsuka (6th Dan) BFA Technical Director, the first Japanese instructor of Aikido.

1992 - acquaintance to D.K. Ionescu President Romanian Federation of Aikido.

1992 - W. Oncha and I. Zakharevich get certification shodan for the Romanian Aikido Federation requirements. Today D. Ionescu is President ofAIKIDO EUROPEAN CONFEDERATION.

1992 - FARM (IV and V. Zakharevich Oncha) began to conduct Aikido seminars in Yassy Romania.

1993 - W. Ionescu is coming to Chisinau and conducts training and model performances.

1994 – Registration Aikido Federation of the Republic of Moldova (FARM)

1994 - Acquaintance with president Aikikai Romania George Raiku

1994 - Participating in a seminar with D.А. Brun, by a founder FAT

1995 - Visit Secretary of International Aikido Federation (IAF) D. Veneri 6th Dan and D. Raika in Chisinau, in Sofia Congress of the European Aikido Federation Moldova Aikido Federation is represented by I. Zakharevich.

1996 - I. Zakharevich going to do in the dojo M. Kanetsuka in London and is involved in the BAF Summer School 1996

1996 - Visit European Aikido Federation Secretary P. Bakas 5th Dan in Chisinau.

1997 - First visit shihan Secretary General of the Hombu Dojo P. Bakas 8 Dan and M. Fujita 5th Dan in Kishinev. I. Zakharevich and V. Oncha certified for Shodan Aikikai.

1998 - Aikido Federation of the Republic of Moldova has received official recognition AIKIKAI FOUNDATION AIKIDO WORLD HEADQUARTERS.

1998 - The second visit M. Fujita in Chisinau. Toporovskaya Gennady and two student I. Zakharevich(W. Dekusar and I. Bulatsky) have been certified for Shodan. Also on the recommendation of I. Zakharevich M. Fujita took the exam and the Certified in Aikido Shodan section heads c.Bender - Oleg Mikhailenko, Tiraspol - AndreI Kostin, Alexander Slesarea, Rennie - Sergei Suchilina.

2003 - Acquaintance with president of Federation of Aikido Romania Dorin Markish
Vitaly Oncha attested to 2nd Dan

2006 - I. Zakharevich attested to 2nd Dan

2007 – I.Zakharevich and V. Oncha certified by 3rd Dan

2007 - On invitation of FARM Steven Seagal conducts training in sport club Olympia..

2009 - On invitation of FARM Doreen 4th Dan Marques conducts training in Chisinau

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