Published on 05 November 2012
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Igor Zakharevitch. Aikikai Moldova

       I thank all those people who have met on my way and helped me to go on it. All those who sent me, and maybe not knowing that influenced my fate, and to the fact that I brought Aikido to Moldova.

    Thanks to them, the fragile seed was saved and grew into a large and powerful tree. Thanks to them, more than a dozen of my students, students of my students, and those who have forgotten that they were my students, a black belt from the 1st to 4th Dan. And there went ostanovit.Vse new and new growth bud from what was once a recreational groups Aikido School Wrestling at Republican Stadium, later Aiki-center, and later Aikido Federation of the Republic of Moldova.
    I thank Igor Privolneva through which to me came across the book, where I first read the word "Aikido", Sergei Shamardina, my friend and the best experts in Moldova by many kinds of martial arts, due to which I won my first book on Aikido; Oleg Kantemirova, who showed me the first reception and led me to the section of the Moscow State University Aikido.
    I am grateful to my first instructor: A Kachanu and, in particular, V. Matveev, who sent me an email with pictures and explanations of techniques, gave the book and movie. It was he who laid and formed in me the concept of Aikido, which is fundamentally then never changed.
    Many thanks to my first partner on the mat at MSU: Oleg Glushko and A. Shcherbakov back in 1987, and Vladimir Podorolskomu, who was then one of the most talented students in the senior section, which was my oldest friend on the mat and a friend. In it I could not stop, coming to Moscow.
    I am also grateful and Basil Baranovsky, Michael Overbahu, Marina Karpova for what could, at any time and free of charge to attend their training in the early 90's, when they opened their own section in Moscow.
    Thank N.Egorovu for what I was able to get on the mat to Moriteyro Ueshiba during his visit to Moscow in 1992.
    I am grateful to N. Balbochanu, the principal struggle in the Republican Stadium in Chisinau, which sheltered us for a long time and made to engage in a great hall, at a time when all the martial arts in the USSR were banned.
    I am grateful to B. Colta, head coach of the RM of Judo, who survived all the others out of the hall and suffered only us, and we had the opportunity to engage in and develop.
    I am grateful Skvortsov and B. Dominova, who in the early 90's gave me my first VCR and I was able to study aikido videos. 
    I also thank V. Dominov for what he gave me money to travel abroad to study Aikido.
    I am grateful to J.C. Ionescu, president of the Romanian Federation of Aikido, who took us in Romania as their best friends, teaching Aikido and free us providing us with shelter and food.
    I am grateful to Valeria Sclifos, publisher and chief editor of the "Black Belt", for his honesty and integrity. 
    I am grateful to Giorgio Veneri, Secretary of International Aikido Federation, for his kindness and unselfishness; Dorin Chebotaru, president Federetsii Ashihara Karate RM, for the fact that during the visit of D. Venus, he was always with me and in fact was our personal driver; Arseny Golob, for the fact that he took M. Fujita during his second visit and studied reports FARM.
    I am grateful to D. Raicu, president Aikikai Romania, for his visit to Chisinau, and for the fact that he introduced me to P. Bakas and M. Fujita. 
     I am very grateful to P. Bakas, the Secretary General of the European Federation of Aikido EAF, through which Aikido Federation of the Republic of Moldova has received official recognition Hombu Dojo. 
    I thank P. Megan, secretary of the British Aikido Federation BAF, which for many years was my old comrade and friend. 
    I am grateful Kanetsuka Sensei and all the trainers, seminars I have attended. 
    I thank all those with whom I lived during my numerous trips and those who can not remember, and who probably does not remember me. 
    I am grateful to A. Kostin for what he knocked me for money to travel to a seminar K.Tise to Moscow. 
    I am grateful to I. Shmygin, S. and S. Kiselyov Skrylevu for their communication to the Congress of the European Federation of Aikido in Sofia in 1996. 
    I am grateful to my students, who wiped his nose, and all have been the best in the seminars and demonstrations, and also received the highest praise from Japanese instructors. Thanks to them, I developed myself, could be proud of their skills and what they are - my students. 
    I am grateful to Sergei Humenne, Boris Suvorov Dekusaru V. and V. Ivanov, who were my main uke in training. Thanks to them and the rest of my uke, for what I could show other equipment and improve their own skills. Also extend a big thank you to those who were my uke in the examination. Given my - this is their merit. 
    Special thanks to B. Onche for his promotion of Aikido in Moldova (all demonstrations of the central square in Chisinau until the downtrodden village in Moldova were on it), for his skill and pride, that he was my student. 
    Special thanks Dorin Markish, our friend - President Aikido Federation of Romania, who made a huge contribution to the development of Aikido in Romania and thanks to which we can now almost free to attend seminars by leading Japanese instructors. 
    Low bow and thank those of my students who in difficult times for me to stay with me and supported me, who were engaged in a candlelit winter in an unheated room, kept me going when the training starts at 9:00 pm and end at night. 
    And, of course, the biggest thanks to Masatake Fujita, my teacher, a man who taught me Aikido, I lived at home and did not separate himself from his students, was simple and easy to communicate, which became a family man for me and all the students who had happiness to communicate with him, who sent me cards and calendars for the holidays, gave paper cranes bringing happiness made by his wife, who is still stored in my home as the most expensive gifts. 
    I thought to write gratitude, I had no idea that they get so many. It just so happens that through Aikido, I was surrounded by great people, and they were much more than the bad. 
    Aikido has changed my life. Aikido introduced me to the most interesting people of the ones that I have met in my life. I'm sure that if you start Aikido, this will change your life and make her rich, rich, will bring you a lot of new experiences and health.

                                                                                      Chairmant of the Aikido Federation of the Republic of Moldova 
                                                                                                                                                      I. Zakharevitch.